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May 3, 2012

Daily Plaza

The Living Plaza season is back!

We learned a lot last year about organizing and encouraging activity on the Plaza, and have started to re-think what it means to have a Living Plaza. How to get the broader community involved and allow citizens to become the authorities of the space. Let’s dream!

In the past, we had a once-a-month event with food trucks, music, art displays, and other creative endeavors as a way to get people outside, to enjoy the city’s amazing public space, and to think about how to make regular use of one of our greatest city assets. Over the past few weeks, we have been working towards the 2012  inaugural Living Plaza picnic event at City Hall, which will happen Wednesday, May 16, 2012 from 11:30-1:30pm. 

This Month’s theme is Do-It-Yourself – DIY the Plaza! The music and food trucks will be back, but YOU bring the rest. In other words, Bring Your Own (BYO) lunch time entertainment like kites, blankets, Frisbees, instruments, computer, sports equipment, and any other fun activities. Feel free to think outside the box with activities, but make sure that the ideas are kid appropriate.

Amanda Popken, City Planner for Economic Development, flies a kite during her lunch hour

Also, as we ramp up to May 16th, we have been enjoying the plaza on a daily basis. Every Tuesday and Thursday, we’ve been taking our lunch outside and taking some props: kites, Frisbee, sidewalk chalk, astroturf under the trees. These simple acts have been recognized by passersby, people on vacation, and the city staff, and so far the reaction has been one of curiosity and inspiration. One office in the city saw the kite flying and decided to have their monthly Friday meeting on the plaza with the theme of ‘Recess.’ In addition, a couple other meetings have taken place outside, and more and more food trucks are starting to grace the plaza.

Though we have been meeting regularly, Daily Plazas can happen anytime! Have your lunch, read a book, take time to enjoy it, and if you want some company let us know.