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May 8, 2012

Daily Plaza: As a Bible Study

A man with long, wavy grey hair and a cowboy hat emerged from the green park area of the plaza with a blue cooler (full of water and juice) in hand and a band of merry followers in tow. They traipsed across the plaza and landed on the concrete planter in front of the CityDesign Studio’s window. They were there to have Bible study.┬áThe Plaza as a Bible Study? Why not? It’s a public space and as long as they don’t exceed 75 people then they are allowed to be there without the need of a Special Permit.

Their bible study lasted for 1 hour. The man in the cowboy hat proselytized, genuflected, and professed his heart out. Every now and then you could hear his yells and screams through the glass window. It was surely a spectacle and an endearing show of community to say the least. A few interested parties sauntered over from across the plaza and jumped into the spotlight every now and again. The man and his studiers waited patiently as the errant speakers spoke and said what they needed to say. The study went on…Then it ended and some people stayed to pray and talk some more. The plaza was alive! For an hour. And in that hour there was magic. But would they return? Yes, the grey-haired man with the cowboy hat said they’d be back every Monday and Tuesday at 1:30. Right on, brother!