Press, Media, and Contact

Living Plaza Press Release, August 2011


APRIL 2015 How One Weekend in Dallas Sparked a Movement for Urban Change – Next City

JUL 2013 Playing on the Plaza – Dallas Morning News

SEP 2012 The Living Plaza Folks Want to Make Shade, But First They Need Your Money – Dallas Observer

SEP 2012 Bright ideas: In September, attempts to transform downtown Dallas with pop-up parks and shade for City Hall Plaza –

AUG 2012 Meet the City Hall worker who went “guerilla tubing” in the City Hall fountain – Pegasus News

JULY 2012 City Hall’s Living Plaza returns next week. Fine, but when’s the next beach party, Mayor Mike? – Dallas Morning News

MAY 2012 City Hall Plaza transforms into a park on Wednesday – Pegasus News

MAY 2012 Yells At Eels Take To The Streets For Next Week’s Living Plaza – Dallas Observer

APRIL 2011 On April 27, Dallas City Hall Plaza Will Become (Temporarily, For Now) a “Living Plaza” – Dallas Observer

APRIL 2011 City Hall Plaza is transformed into fun lively place – Pegasus News

MAY 2011 Bringing a Dead Public Plaza to Life in Dallas – Grist

JUNE 2011 City Hall Plaza to Come Alive Again Next Wednesday – Dallas Observer

JUNE 2011 The Power of the Pop-Up Shop – Dallas Observer

JUNE 2011 Photos from the June 2011 event – Dallas Observer


APRIL 2011 Video about Living Plaza

APRIL 2011 Video footage of the initial event in April 2011

For more info on the Living Plaza project, contact:

Amanda Popken | Founder, Amanda Popken Development | 469-213-8163

Tisha Crear | City of Dallas, Office of Cultural Affairs | 214.671.0727


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