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August 26, 2013

Post-Shade and Shade Posts

Our week of Shade on the Plaza wrapped up with a great concert Friday night! Thanks, Inner City All Stars for the show!

IMG_7409 IMG_7413 IMG_7424

More photos from the week on our Facebook page.

And if you were out of town all week, you can catch Kurt, Brady & Steven’s Corgan Shade structure at Browder Plaza downtown….until Parking Day next month. I hear it’s looking for a permanent home then…

Special thanks to Epic Cones in Deep Ellum for donating a dozen of their dessert cones one dreadfully hot afternoon this week. I know the apple pie was amazing.

And thanks for YOUR support, and thanks to our partners and sponsors Downtown Dallas Inc, Office of Cultural Affairs’ Community Artist Program, ALOFT Hotel, Measured Improvements, Haggar, Corgan and Architecture for Humanity.

July 11, 2013

Standing With Texas Women on the Plaza

Yesterday morning the Stand With Texas Women tour stopped by the Dallas City Hall Plaza for their press conference before heading to Fort Worth for an evening rally.

Organized by Planned Parenthood, the tour is in support of Wendy Davis’ fillabuster fight against legislation regarding women’s healthcare centers.

Not that our City Government has much if anything to do with this, but the Plaza really is a great, big stage to the world. Especially with room for so much press!

October 31, 2012

Mayor’s Monster Mash!

A smash hit event, the employees at City Hall had a great time at the Mayor’s Monster Mash today! Thanks to the Mayor’s Office for hosting the moral-boosting afternoon of fun.

Thanks also to the partners and sponsors for their contributions, including Ruibal’s for the festive plants and the many others for donated food and prizes!

July 6, 2012

Daily Plaza: As a Skate Park

On July 3rd, a group of errant souls arrived on the plaza dred-locked and red-pants riding their smiling boards of wooden death! They turned those drab concrete benches of loneliness into magical funboxes, and the stale cylindrical bollards into jumping stumps. The plaza was illuminated as they grinded, Ollied, and flip-kicked their way over the concrete leviathan. A cacophony of noise from wheels rolling on concrete provided the perfect sound track to illicitness. As they flew back and forth, trick’n with ease, there was no helping it, I suddenly found myself in the middle of a skate park.

June 18, 2012

Daily Plaza: Soakin’ up the Sun

One day, I looked out of our office window and saw a lovely woman sitting on one of the horrible concrete benches on the plaza. She had chosen the most unshaded bench in the most exposed area on the plaza. With her head tilted back, her legs crossed, and a hands gently folded in her lap she sat and basked in the sun.

Her name is Megan. She’s a City Planner and will have been with the city 5yrs in October. I asked her how long she’d been partaking in this ritual and she said ever since she started. A few days a week for ten minutes, give or take, ’round 2pm. Partly to “thaw out” from the icebox that is City Hall and partly to clear her mind. When I asked her what she thought about when she goes out and enjoys the warmth, Megan smiled at me and giggled, “Not that much.”

Megan has a shy, innocent happiness to her. So sweet, a caring and loving mother, and just a nice genuine person all around. So, I found myself feeling a little bit bad that I had intruded on her secret, little pastime. We talked a little more and she said that sitting on the plaza was good people watching and was a good way to get your vitamin D. Her answers about using the plaza were so practical and honest, and it reminded me how important in is to take a break from time to time, think about nothing, and soak up the sun.