1 Week: August 19 SHADE Begins, Aug 23 Finale Concert

August is the final event of our 2013 Season and the first ever week-long build-out of our plaza vision.

Locally designed and built shade structures will be on display all week. This plaza really needs some shade. And if we’re going to buy something permanent some day, we should look no further than our backyard – we have a lot of professional talent here! Or, maybe this display of temporary structures becomes an annual event?!

These folks built the shade pavilions on display throughout the week:

AFH_DFW logo




We’ll also add a few sets of movable tables and chairs so you can chat with friends, hold an outdoor staff meeting, or chill with the kids as the shade moves throughout the day. And a little solar-powered kiosk….We’ll be giving away bottled water and renting free kites, but what if it sold coffee and newspapers in the morning, icedtea and icecream in the afternoon…. Can you see it?!

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday we’ll have food trucks out for lunch. Wouldn’t it be great to have food trucks on the plaza regularly, even just once a week? City Hall is in a bit of a food desert. We employees loooove when food trucks come.

Food Truck schedule

Tues lunch: Cajun Tailgators, Nammi

Wed lunch: Yellowbelly, Cool Haus

Thurs lunch: Nammi, Enticed

Then, the Friday evening concert on the 23rd! Inner City All Stars start at 7:30pm, playing until almost sunset as we celebrate what this plaza has become…. and what it is becoming. After party at the ALOFT Hotel, sponsor of the free bottles of water we’ll be giving away at the kiosk.

Friday evening: Nammi, Yellowbelly, Enticed

Get the latest up-to-date info on the event at our Facebook page, & invite your friends to the Facebook event.



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