Jazz in July I…II…..III This Friday!

Jazz in July III Poster - smaller

Our mild July weather has made for 2 especially-pleasant evenings of Jazz. We have one more to go this season! Did you know that the City Hall Plaza has a big grove of shade trees and a stepped, half-circle ‘stage’? It’s perfect for a evening of good music good friends, and meeting new ones.

5:30     Setting up*

7-8pm      Yells at Eels

* Note the conspicuous absence of a beer garden this week – it wasn’t hugely popular, but it’s hugely expensive! And the music sounds great with or without it.

Photos from the first two events are on our Facebook page.

Here’s a snippet of what we enjoyed last week from Jack Don Loe.

See you Friday!

And, as the poster says, if you’d like be a part of making our plaza a pleasant place like this every day, join us next Tuesday the 30th at high noon in the L1FN-A conference room of City Hall where we’ll be getting down to business. We have one more event this season coming up in August, where our new council members get to see Living Plaza for the first time!


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