It’s City Hall Living Plaza Season!


Living Plaza Returns!

This Wednesday May 22nd we’re celebrating the return of Living Plaza season at City Hall.

Cajun Tailgators’ Louisianan cuisine and Ruthies Rollin Cafe’s grilled cheese perfection.

And the Dallas Aztec dance troup Mitotiliztli Yaoyollohtli will be there to bless the plaza!

The weather outside just might be perfect for an afternoon work-break…. For all you downtown families, we’re introducing the Friday evening series too!

Save the date for upcoming City Hall Plaza concerts and events:


Yes, you’re eyes did not deceive you! SHADE returns this year too! For one entire week we’ll be showcasing our Dallas talent for design and fabrication of innovative and architecturally artistic shade structures. You’ll want to stop by to check them all out between August 19th-23rd.

If you’ve got a design in mind or want to form a team to design and build your own shade structure shoot us an email and we’ll keep you in the loop! Email: contact {at}


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