Recap of Re-thinking Shade 2 and The End of Living Plaza Season 2


Re-thinking Shade 1 was about building shade. Re-thinking Shade 2 explored using the natural shade, the trees, on the plaza. Combined with the funky, jazz sounds of the Inner City All-Stars and the delicious food truck food of the Butcher’s Son and Belgian Waffle Co it was definitely a Living Plaza to savor and a great way to close out the season.

Video of the Days events


Season 2 of Living Plaza has officially come to an end. Since LP started back in April of 2011, it has become a common occurrence at the City Hall Plaza, from the spring through the summer City Hallers could expect a monthly picnic-type event to enjoy their lunch and get out of the office one Wednesday a month.

Initially started as a collaboration between Team Better Block, CityDesign Studio and other departments at City Hall, the Dallas Living Plaza project has grown into a community organization Friends of Living Plaza and spawned  Revolutionary Pants an urban laboratory, nonprofit for creating communities and to re-image the human habitat. Living Plaza has evolved into a community-based place-making project that teaches, explores, and demonstrates how people can program the City Hall plaza and other public spaces around town.

Though season 2 has wrapped, FLP is continuing to keep the conversation alive by branching out to the entire city. In October, we’re hosting an event called Chalk-tober Fest to promote creativity and inspire the use of chalk as a fun, temporary medium. In November, we’re hosting Busking Day, to help spark a street-performing culture in the city.


We’ve already starting thinking about the next season of Living Plaza, which will happen again from April-Sep. We’re planning to shift Living Plaza to nights and weekends and to involve more of the Downtown community. We also want to encourage more community-led events on the plaza as well as bring back one of the most iconic events that ever happened on the plaza, Beach Day. If you’re interesting in helping continue the movement, feel free to contact us, we always love new ideas and inspiring each other to re-think our public spaces and improve our city.


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