Daily Plaza: As an Interviewers Paradise

A man with a back pack, one with a camera, and one with flyers came to the plaza. Sounds like a good set up for a joke, right? So what’s the punchline? They came to the right place to find a captive audience. The motley crew had stumbled onto an interviewer’s paradise. As is the daily routine, our plaza regulars (the homeless) were shoed away from their stoops under the live oaks. Almost as if kismet, they dispersed and were promptly greated by the interviewers-three who proceeded to bombard the regulars with touchy-feely questions about politics and religion.

The man with the backpack questioned the regulars with rapid-fire agility. He designated a few people in the crowd to answer religious and political conundrums all the while capturing everything on film. What would he do with the film one wonders? And perhaps my favorite part was when the backpacked-man interviewed the bald man with a tattoo on his head about people who didn’t believe in God. The bald tattooed man said, and I quote, “F**k ‘Em!” The man with the backpack then proceeded to ask the bald tattoo-headed man if he was a Christian. “Yes,” he said. To which the man with the backpack said “That’s not a very Christian thing to say is it?” *Punchline*

What ever the interviewers-three came looking matters not, for after seeing and hearing what they got, a strong does of reality and uncensored opinions makes a lot of sense on our plaza. It’s about exchanging ideas, inspiring other people, and teaching tolerance, even if sometimes those ideas come wrapped in a bald shinny, tattooed-head. I guess that’s the real punchline.


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