Daily Plaza: Soakin’ up the Sun

One day, I looked out of our office window and saw a lovely woman sitting on one of the horrible concrete benches on the plaza. She had chosen the most unshaded bench in the most exposed area on the plaza. With her head tilted back, her legs crossed, and a hands gently folded in her lap she sat and basked in the sun.

Her name is Megan. She’s a City Planner and will have been with the city 5yrs in October. I asked her how long she’d been partaking in this ritual and she said ever since she started. A few days a week for ten minutes, give or take, ’round 2pm. Partly to “thaw out” from the icebox that is City Hall and partly to clear her mind. When I asked her what she thought about when she goes out and enjoys the warmth, Megan smiled at me and giggled, “Not that much.”

Megan has a shy, innocent happiness to her. So sweet, a caring and loving mother, and just a nice genuine person all around. So, I found myself feeling a little bit bad that I had intruded on her secret, little pastime. We talked a little more and she said that sitting on the plaza was good people watching and was a good way to get your vitamin D. Her answers about using the plaza were so practical and honest, and it reminded me how important in is to take a break from time to time, think about nothing, and soak up the sun.


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