Busking Legally in Dallas

Busking: [buhsk-ing] v. Creating temporary performance art in public.

New York City -From flickr's Kristin Leiz

The street life in Dallas desperately needs some spontaneous entertainment. Sidewalk musicians, magicians, and mimes add to the character of the street, entertaining passers by. For a moment, the colorful distraction pulls us out of own little world while we’re overcome with our imagination and the performer’s talent, trickery, and skill.

Street performance is a gift to the audience.

In fact, busking is legal in the central business district of the City of Dallas, according Section 50-159.2 of the City’s code. Buskers in Dallas can’t solicit the audience for money, but if you see a hat or tip jar throw some money their way. A busker’s act is only realized through time, money, and dedication to rehearsal and costume creation – all for a bit entertainment on the street corner. They take great pride in their art and we appreciate their contribution to life in the streets.

Quebec City -From flickr's 'geneva on film'

If you’re a busker, print this section of the City Code and take it with you to show downtown security if you’re hassled about busking.

 Central Business District is defined as the area of Dallas within Woodall Rogers Freeway on the north, Central Expressway’s (75) elevated bypass on the east, R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-30)on the south and Stemmons Freeway (I-35) on the west.

3 Comments to “Busking Legally in Dallas”

  1. ok I guess I was wrong and
    thanks….. I was told on the phone by the ciity of Dallas that I couldn’t play with my guitar case open. because I would be solicting.

  2. Ah, so I couldnt sell CDs after performances, then? Only because I’ve seen others do it so I was curious. It says “…as long as no goods or services are sold in connection with the performances.” so i guess not. :/ Oh well.

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