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February 8, 2012

Busking Legally in Dallas

Busking: [buhsk-ing] v. Creating temporary performance art in public.

New York City -From flickr's Kristin Leiz

The street life in Dallas desperately needs some spontaneous entertainment. Sidewalk musicians, magicians, and mimes add to the character of the street, entertaining passers by. For a moment, the colorful distraction pulls us out of own little world while we’re overcome with our imagination and the performer’s talent, trickery, and skill.

Street performance is a gift to the audience.

In fact, busking is legal in the central business district of the City of Dallas, according Section 50-159.2 of the City’s code. Buskers in Dallas can’t solicit the audience for money, but if you see a hat or tip jar throw some money their way. A busker’s act is only realized through time, money, and dedication to rehearsal and costume creation – all for a bit entertainment on the street corner. They take great pride in their art and we appreciate their contribution to life in the streets.

Quebec City -From flickr's 'geneva on film'

If you’re a busker, print this section of the City Code and take it with you to show downtown security if you’re hassled about busking.

┬áCentral Business District is defined as the area of Dallas within Woodall Rogers Freeway on the north, Central Expressway’s (75) elevated bypass on the east, R.L. Thornton Freeway (I-30)on the south and Stemmons Freeway (I-35) on the west.