City Hall Beach Day – 1984

Since we started this Living Plaza project at City Hall, we’ve heard of the storied Beach Day on the plaza in the summer of 1984.  Thanks to our friends John Slate and David Stover here at City Hall we’ve now got photos.

Lynn Lennon's photography. Check out that beach wear!

Even looks like a beach with all that sand...

Even a sandcastle competition!!!

Can you believe how many people must've come out that day! Wonder how hot it was...

Dose of today’s reality:  According to City staff the sand actually ended up causing some serious drainage problems in the pond, so if there’s ever another Beach Day on the plaza, we’ll have to go without the sand…So, how bout turf?

How bout we just turf the whole plaza?… It’d be a lot cooler,with low maintenance… Corporate sponsor anyone?…


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