The Down Low

The Plaza in front of City Hall is a popular place for large organized events: parades, gatherings and protests, marathons and city bike tours, concerts and fairs. A City Hall employee myself, the Living Plaza Project was born from wanting to see this space become a welcome respite from the office for City Hall employees. And as downtown Dallas becomes a more vibrant neighborhood with more residents every year, this plaza could be a lively gathering space for informal neighborhood events, as well as a welcoming waiting room for citizens visiting City Hall for business. This project focused on the daily use of City Hall Plaza and how to make it a more-livable, lively, comfortable place for people.

Check out our blog to follow our adventures in cultivating this lovely plaza into a vibrant part of downtown. And see our Recommendations Report for a summary of what we’ve learned about the plaza’s operations and a game plan for moving forward.


Rachel Harrison’s Moore to the Point, by the Henry Moore’s sculpture

In 2015 the plaza became a temporary home to an installation of Rachel Harrison’s Moore to the Point, part of the Nasher’s 10-year anniversary installation of 10 pieces of work all over the city. Harrison studied under Moore, and chose this site to highlight an often overlooked piece of great vertebrae-reminicent art. Her arrow also signifies an entrance to the Moore sculpture that brings visitors into the piece to experience its grand gestures.